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Leelanau Wine Trail

March 9, 2011

Blessed with sandy soils and tempered by the Great Lake, Michigan has its own wine country. It is home to more than 60 wineries. One of the most productive areas is in the northwestern part of Michigan outside of Traverse City, the Leelanau peninsula. It has its own wine trail which includes at least 18 [...]

Sewer Museum Shows Off Paris’ Other Engineering Marvel

March 9, 2011

Anyone can name the Eiffel Tower as Paris’ marvel of the modern age, but the city’s other, older, and probably more important miracle of engineering sits quietly upstream from the flashy Tower.  At the southern end of the Pont d’Alma, a small ticket booth and hidden stairway lead down to Musée des égouts de Paris [...]

Wilderness State Park, Michigan

March 9, 2011

10,000 acres of lonely forest and isolated Great Lakes coastline make up Michigan’s Wilderness State Park, at the northern tip of the Lower Peninsula, about 10 miles west of Mackinac City.  A campground and ranger station are located near the entrance, but the appeal of the park lies further in. A single narrow, pitted dirt [...]

Grand Canyon: Tips for Day Hiking

March 8, 2011

A relatively short drive from Las Vegas and Phoenix, the Grand Canyon should be worked into any trip to the Southwestern United States. The hiking is a bit different than most places and requires attention to a few more details. 1)  Don’t wait until you’re tired to turn around. It’s a long way back up [...]

La Cite, Carcassonne’s Walled City

March 8, 2011

It’s hard to describe the castle of Carcassonne. It’s just so…castle-ey! When you enter the castle through a drawbridge, you are instantly transported to another century. Lost within the high stone walls, you scurry down narrow streets and stumble upon hidden doors. You cannot help, as you smell the traditional Cassoulet stew (a medieval mix [...]

Baulos Charmes Vineyard

March 8, 2011

Make this tiny, idyllic vineyard a stop on your Bordeaux wine adventure. To get there, stop by the tourism office in downtown Bordeaux. They’ll give you directions and make your appointment: one does not just drop in on small farms here. The owner, former pharmacist Sean Maynard, will welcome you with ear-to-ear enthusiasm. His passion [...]

Rocky Mountain NP: Deer Lake Trail

March 8, 2011

3.1 miles one-way 1,093 ft elevation gain. Deer Mtn trailhead 8,920 ft, Deer Mountain top 10,013 ft according to Foster’s RMNP: The Complete Hiking Guide This great easy hike is all trail, a switch-backing path through thick, sweet-smelling woods with gorgeous vista lookouts around every corner. Start at the Deer Mountain/Deer Ridge Trailhead on US [...]

Rocky Mountain NP: Bear Lake to Emerald Lake Trail

March 8, 2011

1.8 miles one-way, 650 ft elevation gain. Bear Lake Trailhead 9,450 ft, Emerald Lake 10,100 ft according to Foster’s RMNP: The Complete Hiking Guide. This is a great easy hike that is high reward regardless of how far you choose to go along this lake-studded trail. Start at the Bear Lake trailhead (park lower if [...]